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    PeppermintZakka Acrylic Paint Marker Fine Tip 0.7mm 28 colors Full Set
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    PeppermintZakka Acrylic Paint Marker Fine Tip 0.7mm 28 colors Full Set

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    Brand: PeppermintZakka
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    Acrylic Paint Marker
    Marks on anything, water-based
    Size: 0.7mm (fine liner fiber tip)
    28 colors full set (not sold separately at the moment)

    Each 28 colors set comes with a transparent storage bag.
    Imported high quality fiber tip, strong ink absorption, uniform distribution of ink and nib exchange according to different creative needs.
    Smooth writing, suitable for graffiti, marking, painting and card making.

    How to use:
    1. Shake vigorously before use so the steel ball in the pen body will make sure the acrylic ink is well mixed.
    2. Press the tip of the pen with your finger to discharge any residual gas inside the pen body.
    3. Press the tip down on waste paper long enough until the acrylic ink soaked up the tip.
    4. Test on paper or surfaces before working on your artwork piece.
    5. When ink becomes lighter, repeat step 3 to get ink to flow smoothly.
    6. Recap the pen tightly after use.

    German imported acrylic ink, eco safe and no smell.

    - Vibrant 28 colors.

    Bright Red / Lemon Yellow / Light Blue / Vibrant Green / Baby Pink / Lilac / Orange / White / Black / Chocolate / Gold / Silver / Mint Green / Gerbera Pink / Maroon / Dark Blue / Turquoise / Purple / Rose Red / Walnut / Pale Orange / Melon Yellow / Pale Lavender / Magenta / Latte / Bright Orange / Olive Green / Milky Green

    - Suitable for most surfaces including stones, glass, paper, canvas, porcelain, plastics, wood, metal, rubber etc. - waterproof, good coverage.

    IMPORTANT: Acrylic paint ink is only permanent on paper surfaces, if applied on glass/canvas/wood/plastic/rubber need to spray protective layer or cover in resin for long lasting effect. When use on canvas, best to be coated with varnish, this is not fabric paint (cannot wash).

    - Transparent pen body for easy checking of ink level.

    NOTE: Ink is NOT FULL (approximately 1/2 full - this is normal) for easy shaking/mixing and to avoid leakage. If you mind, please refrain from purchasing.