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    Card Lover Color Swatches Masking Tape - 4 Boxes/Set [Retro/Morandi/Natural]
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      Card Lover Color Swatches Masking Tape - 4 Boxes/Set [Retro/Morandi/Natural]

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      Brand: Card Lover
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      Card Lover Color Swatches Masking Tape
      Price is for 4 Boxes/Set.
      Each box includes 6pcs of [10mm x 3m] masking tapes.

      So let us do the math, for the price you get a total of 24pcs of masking tapes. Yay to that!

      Choose from 3 themes:
      01 Retro Elegance (Red/Fresh/Refine/Rich)
      02 Giorgio Morandi (Sky/Earth/Light/Mist)
      03 Natural (Galaxy/Night Sea/River Hills/Sunset)

      Fellow PeppermintZakka lovers, we all know you too well. Colors are all we need (ok, we need love too)!

      This is definitely a must-have set of color swatches you need to get inspiration from.

      Color combinations could be tricky when creating. We are creators ourselves and we always have color swatches samples laying around the table for reference.

      If you're a severe color addict like we are, we recommend purchasing all 3 themes for collection and never run out of swatches combinations when you're creating or planning your page spread. If you're a semi-severe color addict, choose your favourite theme (out of 3 themes) and get all 24pcs of 4 swatch options to play with.

      Important note: We are not selling these in individual boxes. Only in set of 4 boxes which is the full collection of each themes (3 themes in total).

      Enjoy the colors and get creative!