About us

Welcome to PeppermintZakka.com!

We carry a selective collection of stationery items and pastel little everything. We don’t sell #perfection, instead we pack all the items you love in a bag of #happiness that will put a smile on your face.

PeppermintZakka started serving the local planner addict online community since 2014. Thanks to all your kind support, we are able to supply all kinds of adorable and affordable products to stationery lovers all around Malaysia.

How PeppermintZakka works?

Do you know that YOU, stationery addicts whom we serve every day, decide what items will stay and what will go? Yes. That’s what happens in PeppermintZakka. In order to more accurately predict the interest of the community, our talented sourcing team searches for stationeries and paper goods that are affordable, trendy, high quality and adorable. Then we will purchase them in small batches to check their actual quality and make available at our Shopee store and PeppermintZakka.com for sale and see the response.

If the response is good and it goes out of stock fast, we will then arrange for restock of the products and continue our search for similar items. If an item takes 2-3 years to sell out, once sold out most likely is that manufacturers have already stopped making them as the ‘season’ and ‘trend’ has passed. Over popular items also get out of stock easily as global demand will cause it not able to be restocked fast. These are a few things to keep in mind.

We are also aware of the current craft and skill trends. As self taught designers, art makers, and crafters ourselves, we also bring popular brush pens, papers, notebooks and craft tools that we use often to the PeppermintZakka collection. If you have some items you would like to purchase but isn’t in our collection, do feel free contact us. We will try our best to source for them.

Even though it’s tough, as much as we could, we support local made products. Local brands such as Lurveau planners and vintage eyewear and Arto Campap range of paper goods can be found at PeppermintZakka. We are constantly sourcing for good local made paper goods and pens. 


Each of your feedbacks (both praises and complaints) are extremely important to us. We have learnt so much from you! We added items according to your needs and remove items that do not reach the quality standards. Your kind participation and interaction with us has made PeppermintZakka a lovely stationery haven. We believe in people power. Your constant support has shaped the future for PeppermintZakka. That is why you are getting nice packaging and mini freebies with every purchase! That is our tradition and we love you a lot!

Free shipping for purchase above RM80.00 with WM-PosLaju on PeppermintZakka.com

Enjoy free shipping for delivery within West Malaysia with Pos Laju when purchase above RM80.00. Flat rate of RM5.99 for purchase below RM80.00 with Pos Laju and flat rate of RM8.60 with GDex. For customers in East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan), shipping rates are calculated according to the weight of your purchase and will be calculated during check out. You can also proceed to our Shopee store to purchase to enjoy better shipping rates. 


Delivery service:

It usually takes us 1-2 working days (Mon-Fri 10am-5pm) to pack your order and arrange for a courier service pick up the next working day. It will take the courier services between 3-5 days to arrange your delivery if everything goes smoothly. Sometimes on a lucky day, you might get it the next day! Sometimes on a less fortunate busy day, maybe a week! Sometimes if you happen to be away, you will still be able to pick it up at your nearest courier branch. Keep an open mind, be kind and patient, then good things will come we promise! *Due to the current Covid-19 situation, it might take up to 1 month to arrange delivery in East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan).

Please keep in mind that we are more anxious to get the items to your hands than you are, just because we could imagine that excitement on your faces! So stay patient with us, let’s enjoy the good vibes together!

Hope to serve you soon!

xo Team PeppermintZakka